About Us

Mission Statement: Treasuring the Past, Shaping the Future

Vision statement of Plum Borough Community Library is to provide the residents of Plum Borough with free and equal access to all library materials and services; to provide patrons with information that meets their personal, educational, professional and recreational needs; to promote for individuals of all ages an appreciation of reading and lifelong learning; to provide special programs designed to foster interest in cultural and social aspects of daily life; to promote “partnerships in learning” with other community organizations such as public and private schools, businesses and special interest groups.


The library is located in the central part of the borough, adjacent to the Plum Senior Community Center.

The library opened in 1991 in a one-room storefront with a modest collection of approximately 1,000 donated books. Later that year, the library moved to a larger, 2,500 square foot space.

Over the next several years, the library experienced continual growth in both collection size and in usage. A new 7,000 square foot library was built on the present site in 2002. The second phase of the building was completed in 2009, with the addition of a larger children’s room and a community meeting room.

Library Board

The current members of the Library Board are:

  • Stephen Bullick
  • Meredith Hedeen
  • Dede Kenny
  • Dorothy Marsalese
  • Laura Mason
  • Leigh Anne Rethage

The public is welcome to attend Library Board meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the library – 6:30 p.m.


The Plum Borough Community Library proposes a change to their Bylaws to remove the phrase “in person” from Article V section 5.1a which reads “A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Trustees shall consist of the presence in person of a simple majority of the members.” The proposed change will be voted on at the November 19, 2019 Annual meeting at 6:30 in the library meeting room.

Library Director

Pam Calfo
Email: calfop3@einetwork.net

Library Friends

The Plum Borough Library Friends group supports quality library service in the community through their volunteer efforts and promotion of the library program to the public. If you are interesting in
becoming a friend of the library, please contact the Library Director.


Books/Magazines 25¢ per item per day
Audio Books/Music CDs 50¢ per item per day
DVDs $1 per DVD per day
VHS tapes 50¢ per day per video

Please note: books borrowed from other libraries may have different fines.


Fax $1.00 per page local; $2.00 per page long distance
Copies/Printing 15¢ per black and white page; 75¢ per color page
Document Scanning 25¢ per page
Downloading $1 per disk/CD
Ear Buds $2

Library Cards

Borrower’s cards are issued free of charge. Replacement of lost card is $2.00.

The Plum Community Library is promoting Pennsylvania libraries by participating in the PA Forward Star Library Program, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association. Participating libraries include programs and activities from five key literacies: Basic Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy and Information Literacy. Through our participation in this statewide program, we strive to create new partnerships, develop broader community support, and become a powerful voice for the benefit of all libraries.